Rachael Hope: An Authentic Introduction

Please allow me to introduce myself

My name is Rachael Hope and I am extremely pleased to meet you.  I am an artist, writer and chronic illness warrior.  Four years ago I graduated from Hull School of Art and Design with a 2:1 in Illustration.  To save recounting a heartfelt story about the ins and outs of my life since then, here is the short version; Sh*t happened!

I worked myself into the ground to the point of worsening an existing health condition, and didn’t pick up a pencil consistently again until spring of 2017.  I buried my head in “real life” which consisted of maintaining an income, whilst trying to get on top of my health.

 *Insert the world’s smallest violin🎻😢*

Analysis Paralysis

I have been thinking about doing this (whatever “this” is) for a while, and now that my health has improved so vastly…no more excuses.  It is easy to get wrapped up in the all encompasing analysis head space, but there is no time like the present; so less thinking and more doing.  This Odyssey aint gonna write itself.

What to Expect

Disclaimer: There will be many twists and turns, ups and downs, round and rounds (bring a brown paper bag if you get travel sick.)

Expect patterned things; because #yolo it’s kinda my gig!


Expect patterned things applied to other things; because #functionality 😍!


I will also do my best to create useful content regarding #SocialMedia pratices because a)no one likes a taker and 2) that forms a big part of my real life day job.

FURTHER MORE… I will evidence my dedication to my fellow #ChronicIllnessWarriors by providing some tips and tricks that I have found to be so helpful in improving my Fibromyalgia up until this point.

Peace and light, blessed be, live long and prosper baby!! ✌️


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