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Creative Services

I’m never more in my element than when I am being creative AND industrious. I LOVE designing / social media curating / copy writing etc. for the businesses I work with.  I LOVE a creative challenge and I’m extremely laid back to work with!  Promise.  Don’t be shy drop me an email to discuss.


Below is just a quick overview of what I offer.  If you click the subheadings you will be transported to more a in depth look.  Hazar…As if by magic!

Unique Abstract Art & Bespoke Products

I create unique Fine Art Prints to jazz up your home and or work space.  Every print is an original because I work back into them after print.  I find this gives me that last bit of creative control to make the Art really pop!

All of my prints are born from a unique canvas. I will begrudgingly part with one of my beauties.  Tehehe But please know that when I say Unique and original Art pieces I mean it!

For a further description of the madness behind my method and the meaning behind my art check out my previous blog

Graphic Design for Small Businesses & Entrepreneurs

I offer a range of creative services to support both small businesses and entrepreneurs. This includes the creation of marketing materials for social media and more traditional efforts such as poster, leaflet and logo design.   Being a small business owner myself I understand the struggle!  You have to wear SO many hats.  Why not let me wear the marketing and design one?

Copy Writing and Content Creation Services


To discuss original Art commissions or my creative business services please contact on:


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In this post I will be discussing a few design tips for bloggers, and or business owners aspiring to design their own graphics. Woo! I will delve beyond the Canva template designs you may already know and love and disclose design tips that have helped me greatly with real life briefs and my personal work. I will be covering my favorite elements of Canva and my newly discovered love for Easil. *Swoons* #BloggingTips #DesignTips #BrandingTips #BusinessTips #Bloggingforbeginners

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