5 Effective Supplements for Fibromyalgia Survival

I would like to preface this post with a disclaimer. I am not promoting supplementation as the forever cure for the average case of Fibromyalgia. But they can be (as I have personally found) extremely beneficial to help manage Fibromyalgia symptoms.

There are many factors that come into play when managing Fibromyalgia (diet, lifestyle changes and sufficient rest to name a few.)

However with little help from the mainstream medical field…Sometimes all us #Warriors have to lean on is each other.

With that being said I would like to suggest my 5 supplement staples for Fibromyalgia Survival.

Vitamin D

According to the NHS website, Vitamin D helps to regulate the amount of calcium and phosphate in the body, both of which are needed to keep bones, teeth and muscles healthy.  The emphasis here being on muscles, although the bones and teeth stuff is a nice bonus!

I have found that taking a Vitamin D supplement daily over the course of a year has had a significant impact on muscle cramps, aches and fatigue.  Since this Vitamin can only be sourced naturally via the sun and through limited food sources, it is a highly recommended supplement to take for everyone, not just #ChronicIllnessWarriors !

Vitamin D is also a mood booster…it’s the sun light vitamin yo!


This was initially a little bit of a wild card for me, I got this suggestion from a video entitled “4 Steps to Naturally Overcome Fibromyalgia” by Dr. Josh Axe…As if by magic see below!  In this video Dr Axe suggested a recipe for Bone Broth Soup…at the time I was experimenting with a pescatarian diet in order to see what effect this would potentially have on my health.  So Bone Broth Soup wasn’t on the cards for me at that time!  A lucky escape some might say.

However in the video he suggested that this recipe was a great way to get more collagen in your diet to strengthen cell structure.  I managed to find a good fish/marine based alternative and I have never looked back.  Not only does it help with my Fibromyalgia it has improved the condition of my skin, hair and nails.


Healthline.com states that Low magnesium intake is linked to chronic inflammation, which is one of the drivers of aging, obesity and chronic disease (29, 30, 31).  Fibromyalgia and chronic inflammation are often one and the same.

Once again in the above video by Dr Axe, he recommends magnesium and calls it the “Relaxation Mineral.”  Magnesium is essential for the production of hormones via the thyroid gland.  This can help to regulate production of the stress hormone cortisol – extreme stress and cortisol production are not friends of the #Warrior !

Magnesium can also assist with sleep quality, aka making sleep more restorative, rather than broken and unrefreshing.   I started out by using a Magnesium Spray on my legs and arms on an evening an hour or so before bed,  I now take a supplement just before bed.


A lot of us Fibromyalgia #Warriors experience gut problems … it aint pretty, but it’s true!  When you are aching all over and experiencing next level fatigue the last thing you need is a dodgy tummy.  But never fear probiotic are here…

According to the NHS Website a probiotic may help reduce bloating and other symptoms in some people with IBS.

I personally started taking quite a strong Probiotic a few years ago.  I kept getting ear infections, chest infections, throat infections, one after another, it was absolutely relentless.  Along with those ailments came heavy doses of antibiotics which left me feeling completely wiped out.  There is still a part of me to this day that attributes this time period as a potential trigger for my Fibromyalgia.

So in short, I initially took a heavier dose of probiotic to restore my gut health, and now take a lower maintenance dose daily.  I can really feel the difference compared to how I felt.

I have also heard a lot of mixed opinions regarding taking a probiotic as immune system booster, but currently there is little evidence to suggest this is true.

From an anecdotal perspective I am pro … probiotics!



Another wild card entrant!  I kept seeing Turmeric appear as a suggested supplement due to its anti-inflammatory properties.

As stated in The health benefits of turmeric:

Turmeric’s anti-inflammatory properties have been compared to those of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS). Clinical trials have found it to be more effective than a placebo for relieving pain and swelling in people with osteo and rheumatoid arthritis.

But it is important to note that more clinical trials are required to fully verify the results.

I thought I would road test this supplement and I am extremely happy with the results over the course of this last year.  At first I wasn’t really sure, so after about 6 months I removed Turmeric from my health regime, and I began to notice the return of burning type of sensations in my muscles and joints.

In Conclusion

As with everything in life, results vary from person to person, so these may not be the supplements for you, but it’s worth sharing our healing experiences in order to gain more understanding of our own condition.

I am currently trialing Ginkgo Biloba to see if this has a positive impact on my foggy/cottonwool brain days!   I would love to share an update of this experience at some point.

As always I hope this has been helpful, and if you have anything to add or share please don’t be shy, leave a comment 😊

**P.s.  I am not a trained medical professional so please always seek advice from your doctor if you are want to start a supplementation routine!**

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