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November 2018

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What are the Basic Principles of True Wealth?

2018 has brought the biggest shift in my financial mindset to date.   My personal relationship with wealth has changed.   Whilst money does factor into wealth, I wanted to describe (in my opinion) the holistic nature of true wealth.   This isn’t a get rich quick post by the way.  So, if you’ve come here looking for that, you won’t find it.  My interpretation of true wealth is about doing the best with what you have right now to encourage financial security in the long term. The Basic  ...

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A Guilt Free Guide to Self Care for Bloggers

You just hit publish on the blog post that took 3 hours to write and optimize for SEO.  Ahhh time to sit back and chill cuz the job’s a goodun … SAID NO BLOGGER EVER.  You better share that blog post on ALL of the socials.  Have your created alternate Pinterest graphics?  Have you scheduled your Pinterest week on *Tailwind yet?  What about that Twitter Chat too?  Tough love time … Self care needs to be included within your blogging to do list.  Here it is, a self care for  ...

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