What Happened to the Pinterest Community Tab?

I read an interesting email from Pinterest late last night regarding the fate of the Pinterest Community tab. It’s so easy to miss emails like this!  So I’ve set aside time to put together a quick blog post discussing the latest Pinterest update.

After receiving feedback about the Community tab from Pinners, Pinterest have decided to remove the Community feature by the end of this week.

I commend Pinterest for responding to feedback.  However as a Community owner, I empathise with those that are unnerved by the Pinterest update.  What does the removal of the Pinterest Community tab mean for us Pinners?

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What Happened to the Pinterest Community Tab? Plus, what does the removal of the Pinterest Community tab mean for us Pinners?

What Happened to the Pinterest Community Tab?

So the Pinterest Community feature is no more.  But what is replacing it?  By the end of this week all Communities will be converted to group boards.  Pinterest Community owners will now own the replacement group board.  For those that were part of a Pinterest Community, you will now be a member of the group board.

As a side note – I kind of wish I’d joined more Pinterest Communities … I’d have a lot more group boards in my repertoire!  We all know how hard it can be to find and join Pinterest group boards.

All content (including posts and conversations) will also be transferred to the replacement group board.  Although at this stage who knows how that will look when transferred over?!

The email I received from Pinterest stated that:

…we’ve decided to take the best parts of the feature and fold them into group boards.

This seems to suggest that our beloved Pinterest group boards may have some new features coming their way?

What Does the Future Bring for Pinterest?

Personally, I’m pretty stoked about what this could bring to the platform!  I love that Pinterest haven’t responded so well to feedback.  This means they actually give a damn about the people that use their platform which is refreshing.

I set up a Pinterest Community with full intentions to use it regularly.  Even setting up collaborative days of the week like ‘Think Tank Thursdays.’  But I quickly fell out of love with the Pinterest Community feature.  The whole thing was really clunky and the interaction levels left a lot to be desired compared to other social media platforms.

Kate from Katedaysaweek echoed my sentiments when we had a natter on Twitter about this.  The phrase ‘stay in your lane Pinterest‘ cropped up, which I thought was absolute gold!  I will include the exchange below for your amusement!

Where has the Pinterest Community Tab Gone?

As you can see, the best thing about Pinterest isn’t the social element.  It’s being able to drive traffic to your website using Pinterest!

I love that I can use *Tailwind to schedule a butt load of Pins with links to my blog.  No one bats an eyelid because it’s expected on the platform.  This means you don’t have to constantly spam your Instagram, Twitter and Facebook with blog links.  These social media platforms can be reserved for genuine exchanges with people.

Final Thoughts on Pinterest Communities

If you have any Community related questions that you’d like to fire at Pinterest they have provided the following email address:

email communities@pinterest.‌com

For those that are members of my two Pinterest Communities … welcome aboard (pun definitely intended) and let’s see what the future holds.  Although, I wish I’d named my Community something different to my existing Pinterest group board … I guess I am now the owner of two ‘Boost your Blog & Online Biz‘ group boards. DOH!

My Communities (Shop & Support Independent / Boost your Blog and Online Biz) haven’t been converted to group boards yet.  But I am happy to take requests to join starting …. NOW.  I also have an existing group board for bloggers and business owners.

If you would like to join ALL THREE of my group boards please do the following:

You will then get an invite to all three.  Woo!

Finally, I feel a bit cruel saying this … But I’m sorry Pinterest Communities, I personally will not miss you and will likely forget about your existence in two months time!

However, I am VERY excited to see what the new group boards can achieve.

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  1. Kate

    April 6, 2019 at 3:16 pm

    Thanks for featuring my potty mouth 😀
    I think that their biggest mistake was that they didn’t allow Communities ‘owners’ to post their own content.
    Why would you bother with the upkeep for yet another platform if you’re not going to be able to promote your posts?
    Oh well, as you said, they took the feedback into consideration, good on them.

  2. Johnzelle

    April 6, 2019 at 3:19 pm

    Great post. I’m still very new to Pinterest and my main purpose is to drive traffic to my website. It’s an overwhelming platform in my opinion. Feel free to add me to your groups.

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