5 Easy Ways to Make Your Website Stand out From Your Competition

On Friday I received an exciting email update from over the pond! Johnzelle who blogs over at perfectlyimperfect92.wordpress.com has recently set up a Counselling practice.  Back in January, I had the pleasure of designing a logo for his business.  It was such a fun project and it was awesome to find out how things had been going since then!  Within the email, Johnzelle asked if I had any hints and tips to make a great company website!  So I figured it would be a helpful topic for other business owners?

In this day and age, building a website is a relatively simple fete. Here are 5 easy ways to make your site stand out from the crowd.

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In this day and age, building a website is a relatively simple fete.  All the templates and free website building platforms are a total Godsend.  There is literally no excuse to go without!  However, making your site stand out is a whole ‘different kettle of fish‘ so to speak!

Here are 5 easy ways to make your website stand out from the crowd!

Creative Bios

Your potential clients want to know who they are going to be working with.   It’s so important that you get creative when you share your employee bios with them.

For example, you or your employees could:

  • Tell a story
  • Share your favourite Spotify playlist
  • Make a list of your top movies
  • Share your hobbies

When you do this, you give your customers an insight into who you and your employees are.  It also makes your company appear more relatable.

If you want to take things to that next level, don’t use the typical black and white passport-style head-shot image.  Be creative and show the world why you are better than any other competitor out there.  Also, don’t forget to smile! Cheeeeese!

In this day and age, building a website is a relatively simple fete. Here are 5 easy ways to make your site stand out from the crowd.

Fresh Content

The best way for you to engage with new customers is to keep your website as current as possible.  Your site is the face of your business and it is also your chance to showcase the skills that you have.  If you want to be more direct with your content, then consider hosting some thought pieces.

These can be done by your colleagues on any issues that your industry is facing.  You could even do a take on a news post.  Either way, fresh content is the best and easiest way for you to help your business to stand out from the crowd.  At the old day job, I publish a blog post every two weeks on the company website to keep it up to date.  This is also great practise for SEO!

Introduction Videos

A quick introduction video really is a fantastic way for you to stand apart from your competition.  Videos help to give your site personality and they also improve your likeability factor!  Sometimes people don’t want to be greeted with a big wall of text whenever they land on a site.  It is a good idea for you to change things up a bit. You could look into a company such as  About us video production to help to achieve this?

Alternatively, there are a few free ways to make service explainer videos.  I recently trialled the free version of ‘Animaker‘ to create this service explainer video for one of my clients.  I will definitely be investing in some animation software so that I can improve my service offer!

Personalised Report

There is a high chance that your customers buy from you because you offer them more value when compared to any other competitor.  If you want to capitalise on this then you need to offer a unique or personalised takeaway.  This will help you step things up a level.

Think about it, what report can you offer to your clients?  If you have an online loan service, consider doing a free income and expense report.  If you are a water service provider, offer actionable tips on how to cut down on water wastage based on the water bill your customer has.  If you are a therapist like Johnzelle, you could consider a well-being resource or an anxiety trigger checklist?

Website Menus

Navigation pages are now being given unique titles so that they stand out more to your customer base.  This is great, and you can really capitalise on this.  For example, if you have a site that offers online classes, don’t call the tab ‘classes.‘  Instead, rename it as ‘learn.’   This is an actionable step and it will help your customer to connect with you more.


Thanks so much for joining me today.  Do you have any tops tips when it comes to creating an epic business website?  Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. Johnzelle

    March 18, 2019 at 4:37 pm

    Ahhh! Thanks so much for the shout out and for the tips. Your site’s information has been so helpful 😊🙌🏽

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