Healthy Ways To Manage Stress as a Small Business Owner

Sadly, stress and small business ownership go hand in hand. No matter how hard you try, it’s virtually impossible to avoid feeling stressed when running a business. There are so many things to think about, and it can feel as though you never have any time to spare. Things are even harder for people who might be forced to run a small business from home during the pandemic.

Stress and small business ownership go hand in hand. Learn how to manage this stress and build your resilience to it in a healthy way. #smallbiztips #stressrelief #worklifebalance

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Now, on top of all the usual stress, you may be worrying about keeping your company afloat until things get back to ‘normal.’ Consequently, high-stress levels can lead to an abundance of health problems. It sends your blood pressure through the roof, putting you at increased risk of different heart issues.

So, it certainly helps to learn how to manage this stress and build your resilience to it in a healthy way. It won’t be easy, but thankfully there are a few avenues you can try! Woo 🙂

**The information below is intended for informational purpose only. I’m not a doctor or health professional; this article isn’t a substitute for advice, diagnosis or treatment from a trained and qualified professional. Reliance on any information provided on is solely at your own risk.**

Learn To Delegate

Firstly, learn that you are always at a disadvantage when doing everything on your own. You may wish to control all aspects of your business, but this isn’t a healthy thing to do. Instead, maybe learn to delegate different tasks to other people in and around your business. Remember, many hands make light work, which might mean hiring employees or training existing ones to handle more complicated tasks.

Remember, many hands make light work so this might mean hiring employees or training existing ones up to handle more complicated tasks.#smallbiztips #stressrelief #worklifebalance

Although bringing in extra help can be difficult when working within a tight budget, there are ways to delegate that won’t cost you a fortune. Try asking family members or friends to help.

If you have tech-savvy kids, ask if they’d like to run your social media accounts for you. Social media management is a great career path for creative people, and this way, they can get experience while earning some money.

A Worthy Business Expense

Ultimately, delegating tasks takes a weight off your shoulders, decreasing your stress, and allowing you to focus on the areas you enjoy most within your business. It can be costly, but is worth the expense in the long run! Remember, without your health; you can’t run a business in the first place.

Explore Natural Remedies for Stress-Relief

It’s never a good idea to rely solely on medication to relieve stress. Yes, it exists, and often it is necessary, but you end up in a tricky cycle of dependence. Instead, seek out more natural remedies for stress-relief.

Products like CBD gummies are highly popular because they’ve been shown to have a calming effect on your body. They include natural ingredients, so it’s not like you’re taking medication. You could also consider natural alternatives to medication like homoeopathy or aromatherapy.

A Little Movement and Meditation

On the theme of holistic and natural alternatives, a little bit of movement and meditation goes a long way to relieve stress. Such holistic paths will help you calm the nervous system and manage your mind and body’s reaction to stress.

A little bit of movement and meditation goes a long way to managing stress and building your resilience to it in a healthy way.#smallbiztips #stressrelief #worklifebalance

Stress is a normal part of life, so the more we train ourselves to come back to a place of relaxation, the better. Activities like meditation and yoga are amazing to bring yourself back from the brink of an unhealthy reaction to stress. There are plenty of free mindfulness meditations and yoga practices online to suit differing needs and abilities.

If that fails you can go back to the old faithful, E X E R C I S E! Even a quick walk around the block once a day will reduce stress levels by letting you release tension and flood your body with endorphins!

Give Yourself a Break

Small business owners are guilty of pushing themselves too far. No doubt you spend a lot of time working all day, every day. Even your weekends are full of work, and it’s no surprise you’re so stressed. It’s better for your health and productivity if you give yourself a break. This can mean taking weekends off, but it should also include creating a stricter work schedule.

Set yourself a point every evening where you sign off and stop doing work. It sounds counter-productive, but it’s actually very beneficial for productivity. Why? Because you have this fixed point in your mind to focus on, meaning you try harder to get as much work as possible completed by that time. In the end, you may surprise yourself by how much work you get through and how much more relaxed you are with the breaks.


Work-related stress is always common, but it’s even more common when you run a small business. Employ these tactics to lower stress levels and feel less on-edge every day.

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