Remote Team Management Best Practices

As your blog or business grows and develops, there might come a time when you need to rely on other people to take care of some of your tasks. With expansion comes new responsibilities and workloads. Many people in this position will consider hiring remote workers. These are people who provide services for your business through the internet.

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Client Testimonials

Get Blogged

When looking for a copywriter you should look for these 3 things: reliability, passion and experience. Having worked with Rachael for the past 6 months I can honestly say that she has these 3 things in spades. Especially passion. Not only does she produce excellent quality content which she has clearly dedicated time to, but she goes the extra mile to make sure the brief is 100% met. Rachael is friendly, creative and adaptable which makes her a delight to work with. I recommend her wholeheartedly.

Micaela Burr

Project Manager | Get Blogged

Useful Views Philanthropy

Rach has been an incredible asset to the Useful Views Philanthropy team. Her creative and thoughtful approach to our digital content is something that makes working with her an ongoing pleasure.

Abby Axelrod-Wunderman

Useful Views Philanthropy Company Founder

Talking Chair Ltd

I have found Rachael to be most professional and approachable offering a high-quality service. Rachael is talented in her line of work and demonstrates her ability with good humour, reliability and knowledge in her craft.

Vanessa Colman

Therapist & Proprietor

Panoramic Counseling, LLC

Rachael has been an awesome support as I launched my business. Did I mention she did all this from over an ocean!? I recommend Rachael to any small business looking to boost their web presence and branding potential.

Johnzelle Anderson

Therapist & Proprietor

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The idea of a remote workforce is appealing. You don’t have to pay for any physical premises to house them all, and you can source the talent you need anywhere in the world. That’s the good news! The bad news is that making full remote teams work can be difficult. As social creatures, most workers need regular contact with others to motivate and inspire them. It is a rare person who can toil away every day in front of their computer screen with no face-to-face interactions with colleagues at all. Although I can wholeheartedly say that this kind of peace and quiet is one of my favourite aspects of freelancing. But it’s just not the way that nature constructed most of us.

Remote teams aren’t impossible. As the following infographic shows, you just need to adopt the right management practices. The benefits of operating a remote team are enormous, both for employees and their employers. The average worker costs US companies around $11,000 per year in desks, chairs, water dispensers, bathroom cleaners, and so on. And workers themselves must spend an enormous $2,000 to $7,000 on their annual commute, so avoiding offices could benefit both.

If you’re interested in hiring remote workers, be sure to check out the following infographic!

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