Money Is Not the Only Currency to Consider in Life

Today I’m writing for those that yearn for more from life than the big bucks. I’m writing for the creative people that might feel pressured into accepting unsatisfying gigs because the money is on the table. Or those with chronic illnesses (mental, physical or both) that might feel less than, because they only have a certain capacity to work in a day.

Yes, these choices might seem a little niche to the outside observer. But guess what? I fit into both of these categories. Creatives and chronic illness warriors are my tribes and I want to speak to them directly.

These reflections might help people outside of the intended sphere too! Which is great, the more the merrier. The thoughts and feelings I’m about to express aren’t new, they aren’t reinventions of the wheel or anything. They are however extremely important to remember when you are dysfunctional in a fully functional world. This is as much a reminder for me as it is for you, yer know!

By the way, I’m fully aware that in this paradigm we need money to survive. This is practical advice! So don’t run out and quit your day job unless you have a structured plan in place OK! But if you have MORE than enough, and are miserable or suffering ill health, learn to say no.

Today I'm writing for those that yearn for more from life than the big bucks. I'm writing for the creative people that might feel pressured into accepting unsatisfying gigs because the money is on the table. Or those with chronic illnesses (mental, physical or both) that might feel less than, because they only have a certain capacity to work in a day. #selfdevelopment #spoonies #creatives

Money is NOT the only currency. In fact, TRUE wealth should factor in a hell of a lot more than your bank account. Yes, we need money to pay the bills, but there is a life outside of the dollar. Your value on this planet is not and should not be determined by your net worth. I have so much respect for the percentage of people that are willing to sacrifice on other fronts to hammer up their bank account. Regardless of what else is said here, I would never discredit hard work!

However, if being a workaholic is making you miserable or ill … then it might be time to ask yourself some tough questions. Do you really need all of the things all of the time? Remember, you can’t take any of that crap with you. I bet if you were being honest with yourself, there are a lot of expenses you could do without. Ditching unnecessary expenses can free you up to make decisions with some other equally important currencies in mind.

Your Happiness Is A Currency

Yes, that’s right. Your happiness is currency. The finer things in life might bring you surface level joy and status amongst peers. But if you work 60 hour weeks in exchange for that banging salary and are left completely miserable more often than not…is it really worth it? Or are you trading a chunk of your personal happiness in exchange for unnecessary excess?

If you are creative, and your creativity is being sapped by endless corporate gigs, ask yourself are you truly happy? Once again, we all need money to pay the bills! But if you are doing projects simply for the money when you already have enough, consider the wider currency trade-off.

Do yourself a favour and do something that gets your creative juices flowing once in a while. Situations don’t have a habit of changing unless you do. This might mean turning down a project or two for the sake of your happiness rather than your bank account.

Your Health Is A Currency

This one goes out (mostly) to my fellow chronic illness warriors. Although it is very relevant to most people in the 21st Century. Sometimes just getting by is enough. Don’t ever pressure yourself to work more than necessary in exchange for your good health. This doesn’t benefit anyone, least of all yourself.  If you are working enough to survive alongside your chronic illness, this IS an amazing feat. If people could live one day as we do on our worst, by gosh, they’d soon understand why we may refuse those extra hours.

There have been so many times in my life that I have beaten myself up because I’ve had to make financial decisions based on my illness. Whether this is accepting lower paid jobs because they are closer to home and don’t involve driving. Or having to drop days or hours. But at the end of the day, my health is so much more important than money!

Please remember the currency of health next time you beat yourself up for not doing enough. You are enough!

Your Time Is A Currency

This goes out to everyone! So you are trading in ALL of your time to build someone else’s dream for that big cheque. Yay? But what time do you have remaining for your own creative or personal dreams? You might have spare time, but if you are too drained to do anything to accomplish your own goals, what’s the point?

This is even more potent for those of us with chronic illnesses. We have to set aside non-negotiable rest time to recover. To put this in context, there was a time in which I had a fulltime job with a nice salary, but ALL of my spare time was spent resting, meaning I couldn’t even enjoy the surplus money I was making. Was this a good life? Nope. So I made the necessary changes to ensure I have both times to rest and enjoy my life.

Your Personal Relationships Are A Currency

So you never see your family, friends or partner because you’re either too busy working, or tired/ill from working too much? The best people in your life, won’t give two shits about what’s in your bank account. They will care about being able to spend quality time with you. But most importantly, they will care about whether you are in good health and whether you are happy and fulfilled. Your loved ones and support network should come first.

The interpersonal connections we make with others outlast the short term joy from financial gains. Trust me, I’m no people person, but I treasure my close circle. If you are stressed and miserable from your horrible, well paid job this will inevitably show in your behaviour towards others. Seriously, all the money in the world is not worth, snapping at those you love. Or being too tired and overworked to spend meaningful time with them.


So we will part ways on the following note:

Please always remember, there are so many ways to prosper outside of your bank balance.

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  1. Naomi (Inching Forwards)

    June 9, 2019 at 1:46 pm

    I love this post! I am more and more coming around to this way of thinking – and I think you can put ‘success’ in the same bracket as money – is ‘success’ worth jeopardising your health/wasting your time/missing your family? I think we put way too much emphasis on the wrong things, and it takes us too long to realise that we’re doing it. Hopefully posts like this will help! Thank you so much for sharing x

  2. Megan Elizabeth

    June 10, 2019 at 3:25 pm

    Just the post I needed to read! I’ve been worried that I’m not making a living for myself recently with my Crohn’s diagnosis and being at home, but then I remember my health comes first and I need to get that sorted before anything else x

    Megan |

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