How to Improve Your Advertising Game

Companies of different shapes and sizes all have one thing in common. Marketing and advertising play an important role in your day to day success. As a business, it is important to see growth year on year. Successful marketing campaigns can be the difference maker! One of the biggest problems companies face when it comes to advertising and marketing is that they simply run out of ideas.

As a content creator for multiple businesses, I totally understand how easily the ideas well can run dry!! While you may have had some incredible single run marketing campaigns, more often than not, they will only produce small surges.

How to Improve Your Advertising Game

Today, let’s improve your marketing and advertising game with some ideas that you can build upon each year. Hopefully, you will learn something new to help your business experience growth! Woohoo!

Successful marketing campaigns can be the difference maker in your business. So, let's improve your advertising game today! #marketingtips #businessgrowth

Rest assured, the suggestions presented have been tried and tested in multiple industries. Surprisingly enough, very few companies are taking advantage of these awesome ideas!

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Video Marketing

One of the best ways to connect with potential customers is by using some kind of visual medium. Even today it’s not difficult to see that television advertising works across the board. Let’s face it, it’s ridiculously expensive though, and not everyone is blessed with that kind of advertising budget!

So what’s the alternative? Well, we are lucky enough now to be living in a world where the viral video is king. Plus, it’s incredibly easy to get out into the open. As a business, consider using the power of YouTube, but not just for paid advertisements.

Successful marketing campaigns can be the difference maker in your business. So, let's improve your advertising game today! #marketingtips #businessgrowth

If you really want to make an impact, you should be looking to create informative and valuable content that can help your customers when they need it most. Video content is one of the best ways to build up your brand and establish yourself as a trustworthy source.

While video content may be free, this isn’t the only great thing. If you do it well and build enough of a following, you may even see a little passive income from it.

Get Networking Baby!!

I would like to preface this by saying for now please practice social distancing so that we can flatten the COVID19 curve. Cash in your face to face networking chips once all this has blown over 🙂

The second thing we are going to suggest is the power of networking. Networking events have been the staple of business marketing for so many years now, and they still work. Although, if you are a hermit like me, you might prefer virtual networking via Zoom, Skype or social media as a viable alternative. Especially given the current circumstances.

If you do prefer to attend networking events in person, they are also an incredible tool to have in your marketing arsenal. Remember, when you attend one of these events, it’s all about standing out from the crowd.

Successful marketing campaigns can be the difference maker in your business. So, let's improve your advertising game today! #marketingtips #businessgrowth

If you really want to make yourself known, make sure you look smart, be welcoming, and express confidence in what you are talking about. Top tip: seriously consider a bespoke exhibition stand. Having all of these things in place will ensure that people take notice and feel comfortable enough to talk with you about your service offer.

While networking may seem old school for some, the truth is not enough businesses are taking advantage of it…including this old shut-in! So, when we have flattened the COVID19 curve, let’s get back out there! But for now, safety first – please stay indoors 🙂

Thank you for spending some of your precious time in my online abode today 🙂

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