Does Your Small Business Need An App?

Today’s post covers the many benefits of creating an App for your business, but first I’d like to share an important introduction!

Many business owners find themselves with a little more time on their hands amid these strange times. First of all, (if you can afford to), spend some precious moments with the people in your household; be they friends, family or partner. We all need a strong sense of community now more than ever! Also, do not feel guilty for prioritising your mental, physical, and emotional wellbeing.

Today's post covers the many benefits of creating an App for your business, but first I'd like to share an important introduction! #businesstips #smallbusinessadvice #businessgrowth

If like me, however, your brain would appreciate something new to ponder to retain some sense of normality; considering business improvements or additions is another great way to pass the time. Of course, I totally appreciate the individual and communal stress we face right now. So, if you have loved ones to consider and other important things to face in these challenging times, please no pressure! Simply bookmark this one for later 🙂

On with the show…

4 Reasons Your Business Needs An App

Think about your favourite brands and businesses; do they have an app? Most large companies today do. Less than 50% of small businesses have their own app, meaning yours could really stand out from the crowd!

Today's post covers the many benefits of creating an App for your business, but first I'd like to share an important introduction! #businesstips #smallbusinessadvice #businessgrowth

Most small businesses that do have an app, use in house staff, instead of outsourcing to the leading app development companies. Meaning the apps that are meant to speak for their business have very limited functionality. They are filled with bugs and often get deleted before they have the opportunity to add value.

But my business already has a website, why do I need an app?  There are several benefits to an app that a website alone cannot offer. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons your business needs an app 🙂

Speedy Communication

Modern communication is fast. We can reach people instantly over messenger tools and social media. We can communicate with a vast audience without skipping a beat. So, you may wonder why you need an app when you can already communicate with your audience effectively over email, social media, and via your website.

These communication tools aren’t instant. Your customers would have to check their emails, log on to your site, or scroll through social media. It’s also incredibly easy to miss important communications on social media, where our feeds change so quickly.

With a business app, your message can be with your viewers instantly. You can even send a push notification so that they can’t miss it. This can be very effective when passing on important information, or changes to your business. It’s also a great way to advertise sales and offers so that they can perform quickly.

Increased Sales

Shopping on an app is easy and convenient. You can do it anywhere, you don’t need a wifi connection, and it’s often easier than trying to shop on a mobile website. With an app, customers can efficiently save their details, and may only need their fingerprint to make a purchase.

Today's post covers the many benefits of creating an App for your business, but first I'd like to share an important introduction! #businesstips #smallbusinessadvice #businessgrowth

Generally speaking, people are more likely to make a purchase if it is easy to do so. Customers like shopping on apps because it’s straightforward. They are also more likely to browse apps when they are bored, without the specific intention to buy, which can increase sales by proxy.

Added Value

In today’s marketplace, shops that are only shops are failing. The high streets are quieter than ever, and there’s so much competition online that it is hard for a new or small business to stand out. To do well, you need to offer more than your core service.

An app gives you a fantastic opportunity to offer your customers added value. You could use AR technology to allow your customers to try before they buy, perhaps placing a photo of a piece of art on their wall using a video on their phone, to see how it looks. You can easily link up videos offering advice, style tips or other guidance, and you could use a chatbot to answer questions any time of the day. All of these automated actions are ticking away, even as you sleep.

Competitive Advantage

An app can give you an edge over your competition, some of whom won’t have an app at all. As a small business owner, it can also be a new creative project for you to sink your teeth into!

Thank you for spending some of your precious time in my online abode today 🙂

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