5 Reasons To Use Video in Your Marketing Strategy

Hey, hey, hey! Gosh, it’s nearly the end of October already. Can you flippin’ believe it? I’ve had a super busy couple of months working on some exciting freelance writing projects, so I haven’t frequently been posting on here. However, I have time to share a quick post today all about incorporating video into your marketing strategy. Woo!

There are many different areas of marketing to consider to achieve business success. Surprisingly, video marketing is one area that can be overlooked by business owners. Given that video is one of the most effective elements for a digital marketing strategy, it is an area that you don’t want to miss out on.

Creating an Effective Video Marketing Strategy 

An effective video marketing strategy isn’t just about making some pretty mini-movies and broadcasting them on your social media and website pages. Videos are about selling your brand and telling the story behind your business. You need to have a strategy for video in place if you want to ensure that you are on trend for your marketing. There are plenty of insights to show that video production is the reason for the rise in consumption every year.

YouTube, TikTok and Instagram Reels are all pieces of the video content puzzle, and each of these platforms is now far more popular than they were previously. And this upward trend in popularity isn’t going away anytime soon. 

If that’s not enough to tempt you to dip your toes into the water of video, check out five more reasons to embrace video marketing as part of your content strategy!

There Is a Customer Demand for Video

There is a reason that video content is so popular: people want it! They want to scroll through TikTok and see bite-sized videos, and to subscribe to individual YouTube personalities. They want to head to Instagram and see what their favourite influencers have to say. The demand is rising, so if people are asking for this, why wouldn’t you embrace it?

Video Increases Audience Engagement

As a business leader, you want your engagement to rise. You want people clicking on your website and engaging in conversation with your team. The whole point of a marketing strategy is to improve the way that you talk to people, and video content can help you to engage better with your audience.

Given that video is one of the most effective elements for a digital marketing strategy, it is an area that you don’t want to miss out on. #videotips #marketingtips

Video Drives Results

Video content offers you better results with your ROI, and your social media videos will help you to increase sales, too. You can also ramp-up your conversion rates with video and communicate your brand message more effectively to your customers.

Use Video To Build Trust

When you show off what you can do on video, people will trust you more. Why? Well, video allows you to build a personal connection. And when you are authentic with your message, people can see the humanity in your brand. These videos can help you to create a lot of trust in your audience, and this will work throughout your website and your social media.

Everyone Is Doing It

Video is being embraced by your competitors, right now. Sometimes there is a time and a place for jumping on the old bandwagon, and it’s definitely time to hop on the video one before it leaves the station. It’s not about copying the competition either; it’s about recognising that you don’t want to be left behind. Plus, people are already using video in their social media channels – which means that you need to be, too.

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