3 Passions That You Can Turn Into a Career

When you love what you do, it doesn’t feel like work. There couldn’t be a more accurate statement in my experience. 

If you are one of the lucky ones like me, who has managed to turn their childhood interests (mine were painting and writing – yay!) into their current career, then Monday mornings won’t feel so blah. Why? Because your job won’t feel like an occupation, but more like an extension of your passion and interest.

Things that many once viewed as just hobbies or passions can now actually be turned into a profitable business or a viable career option. Here's how!

And now, in today’s day and age, with advancement in digital technology and people working from home seamlessly, there are so many more career opportunities available. Things that many once viewed as just hobbies or passions can now actually be turned into a profitable business or a viable career option.

Let’s have a gander at some of the common ones.

Social Media: Social Media Influencer or Consultant 

Social media is more than just a form of entertainment for today’s digital generation. What started as a platform for sharing photographs between friends has become a platform for a business that brings in good money. And can be done from the comfort of your own home!

If you’re always on social media, have a large following on all your social channels and know how to connect with people online, you could become a successful Social Media Influencer or Entrepreneur.

You could also take it a step further and help small businesses grow their social media platforms by becoming a Social Media Consultant. And why just stop at social media – you could even turn your blog into a website that earns you money.

Health & Nutrition: Health Coach

Health, nutrition, and fitness are something that a lot of us are interested in and spend a considerable amount of time researching. Be it for our well-being or another family member, many of us are pretty clued into current health and fitness trends, especially with so much information freely available on the internet.

So if you have a genuine passion for health, nutrition and fitness, why not turn it into a career and train in becoming a health expert or a health coach? It would be a win-win situation for you to do what you love and helping others on their health and fitness journey.

If gymming is your passion, you could even train to become a personal trainer – another feather to your health coach cap.

Admin & Organisational Skills: Virtual Assistant

So many of us excel at basic administration and organisation. Especially parents, because those skills form such an innate part of daily life. Planning and scheduling family life, juggling housework and office, and fulfilling other aspects of life are standard.

If you enjoy this kind of thing, you could become a Virtual Assistant, wherein you could help other individuals or businesses with various admin and other related tasks, again, from the comfort of your sofa. Working as a virtual assistant is a superb side-hustle option or a part-time career option for stay-at-home-mums and dads.


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