Networking for Bloggers: Follow up Friday

Two weeks ago, I published “Networking and Friendships for Bloggers.”   A week later the torch was passed to the fabulous Cathy (who nailed it might I add!)  If I could go back and re write my original post in the same vein, I totally would in a heartbeat!  Networking activities don’t pick up speed without dedicated people taking the time to get involved.  We wanted to show the lovely souls that got stuck in some appreciation.

You can check out Cathy’s post here by the way.  We have tag teamed over the last two weeks to promote this activity.  Below, I will be providing a list of all the bloggers who shared their links, along with the descriptions provided.  I have also collated Twitter usernames too.  If Twitter was not an option I have tried to source alternate social media details.  

I will be blasting this list out over Twitter and Pinterest  over the coming week so that you can be discovered further afield outside of our own little network.  If anyone else would like to get involved please leave a comment below and I can update the list 🙂

Cathy will be creating a similar list, including all bloggers that got involved over at her virtual pad!   So please do keep an eye out for that.  We will be tag teaming once more to share both posts across our social media platforms.  It would be amazing if you could share our posts too 😊

The information will be structured in the following order:

  • Name
  • Site URL
  • Twitter (alternative provided if available)

I have listed all Bloggers in order of the comments from the original post


Networking activities don’t pick up speed without dedicated people taking the time to get involved. We wanted to show the lovely souls that got stuck in some gratitude. #networking #bloggingtips #blogfriends





  • I love to write about anything from music, recipes, helpful things in general and social topics!
  • @theunboxxed (Instagram)

Austenne Grey

  • On the surface, my blog is about Books and Food. However, dig a little deeper and you’ll discover it’s really about how words and culinary traditions leave a legacy.
  • @novelsandnosh (Instagram)



Felicity J


  • I write about everything that resonates with my soul. My blog doesn’t have a specific niche.
  • @NehaGunnoo


  • My blog is about single parenting after the suicide loss of my husband last year, it’s far from doom and gloom though and has a big dose of humour in most posts.
  • @mum_thatsabadword (Instagram)




  • Family my purpose, travel my passion, writing my love. 1st novel in progress. Mental Health Advocate.”
  • @Polley93


  • I mostly write about makeup and skincare, but there are also some tips and lifestyle posts in there too.
  • @awcblogsarah


  • I am a fashion & lifestyle blogger. This includes outfit posts, style tips, some travel and some beginner blogger advice.
  • @txmbre (Instagram)

Helen’s Journey

  • Green Living & Natural Product Reviews / living with Chronic Illness / Health & Wellness / Positivity & Self Love / Spiritual Soul Food / A collection of My Poetry
  • @helens_journey

Mary Yowell


Thank you from my heart to yours!  Please share this post so that we continue to grow together 🙂

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  1. Helen's Journey

    October 2, 2018 at 3:56 am

    Lovely to scroll through & see my name along with some new people to check out…
    Great post, great initiative & a pleasure to be involved.
    Great job on the #bloggersupport & #bloggerssupportingbloggers front 🙌👋👌💞

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