How To Get More Eyes on Your Brand AND Boost Sales

Life and business are complicated enough at times, especially with this flippin’ global pandemic still at large. 😌 So, it’s good to keep things simple where possible, aka avoiding fancy terms and definitions. Let’s start with the definition of ‘good’ business. It’s not a complicated one — create a high-quality product or service that you believe in, and persuade customers to buy into your vision. Seriously, it’s as simple as that. 

Discover four ways to get more eyes on your brand and boost your sales. Say yes to more website visitors, leads, and customers. Woop! #brandvisibility #brandawareness #businesstips

However, one of the biggest challenges is actually making potential customers aware of you. You may have an incredibly unique product that will solve the problems of everyone in the country (or globe) for an affordable price, but if no one knows about it, then you’ll struggle to find success. The key? You need to get more eyes on the prize, baby!! 🏆

Boost Your Brand Awareness

When your business is in the early stages, it can be difficult to get the necessary eyes on your brand to make sales. No matter what industry you’re in, there is so much competition out there, and it’s not easy to rise above the crowd and let people know you exist.

Fortunately, there are several ways to boost your brand awareness and grow your business. Here are four tried and tested ways to get more eyes on your brand. By following these tips, you will soon see a growth in website visitors, leads, and customers and start boosting your sales right away.

Let’s go!

Create Excellent Content

Digital marketing these days is all about content. It’s not enough for brands to exist and promote their product. There is too much competition out there for this to be an effective strategy. What will truly set your business apart from all the others is the ability to create first-rate content.

What will truly set your business apart from all the others is the ability to create first-rate content, and here's how. #contentmarketing #contentstrategy

Consumers don’t engage with brands who talk about themselves all the time, so the best way to create a follower base is to publish content that meets their needs. You need to be solving problems, educating them, and be entertaining at the same time to keep readers engaged.

Having a blog on your website and regularly posting content on it is the best way to do this. Although a word to the wise, if you’re short on time, think quality over quantity. Provide high-quality posts bi-weekly, rather than low-quality boring articles every other day.

Use Social Media Well

There’s probably not a business out there that isn’t using social media in 2020, in some form at least. But few and far between are the brands who use it effectively. Social media should be used not merely to promote your business, but also to share your quality content, solve problems, and engage with your customers.

People buy into relatable brands; however, you do need to strike a balance between being fun and keeping it professional. #socialmediatips #socialmediahacks

The best brands are those who use humour in their social media presence and refrain from a stuffy corporate tone. People buy into relatable brands; however, you do need to strike a balance between being fun and keeping it professional — if you’re unsure how to proceed, partner with a social media consultant to help you develop the right tone for your brand.

Hey *waves*, I’m available in a consultant capacity to help you design a content plan and suitable tone for your brand! Get in touch to find out more. 

Create a Business Network

A large part of doing business is knowing the right people. As soon as you enter the business world, it helps to make an effort to meet people in your industry and establish your own network. Attend networking events and industry functions and introduce yourself to people.

A large part of doing business is knowing the right people. Which means networking, networking, aaand networking. #businessadvice #businesstips

Or sign-up to online business events, workshops and groups, or use Twitter hashtags and hours to network. You never know who might turn out to be a potential customer, partner, investor, or supplier. Print business cards and hand them out to everyone you meet, and don’t forget to follow up afterwards. If you’re attending events online, share links to your website /social media or provide a digital business card.

Boost Your Organic Search Rankings

When your ideal customer types a search query into Google, you want to be sitting right there at the top of the search rankings. Boosting your search engine optimization will help you beat your competitors to the first page of Google results. Woop!

Boosting your organic search rankings also links back to the first point, create excellent content for your website. By posting new high-quality blogs, you signal to Google that your site is still alive and well. Which is great for SEO because search engines want to know they’re are referring people to fresh/relevant websites. You can also work longtail keywords into your posts, so you appear in relevant searches.

There are so many other ways to improve your organic search rankings, and here are just a few suggestions to get you started. Or read my previous post to helo you optimise your blog for search engines.


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