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Each Fine Art Print is created by me during my down time.  My creative process is a little strange, but it suits me just fine, because I’m a little strange too!

Each Print starts its life cycle as either a canvas or a canvas board.  The original pieces take on a new lease of life as they are transformed into something new. I take different aspects of each abstract painting and rejig them digitally.  The designs are then printed on either A3 or A4 300GSM card stock.  But the process doesn’t end there.   I work back into them to bring out some of the colours, especially the metallic aspects of each print.  The final products occupy a strange place between original pieces and Fine Art prints?  I’m still kind of figuring that aspect out.

Watch this Space: Original Canvases Coming Soon

As for my canvases, well they are extremely precious to me.  There is no amount of money that could persuade me to sell my current body of originals.  However, I do provide original commissions if requested.  The final piece will be truly unique to the patron.  This excites me more than creating an original, taking Fine Art Prints from it and then selling the original after.  Time is so valuable, aim to spend it creating more of what you love.

If you would be interested in hiring me to create an original Art Commission drop me an email:


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