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Social Media & Online Presence Tips for Small Businesses

If you are a small business owner or employee please check out my previous blog.   I have used all of these tips and tricks for different clients and find them so unbelievably time saving and user friendly!

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Social Media Tips for Bloggers and Artists

Curious about how to use Pinterest and Instagram effectively together?  Check out my post 🙂

Pinterest Top Tip

Are you a Blogger interested in improving your Twitter game?  Have a look at my post 5 Awesome Twitter Tips for Bloggers!

Let's face it Twitter can be a total mine field. The fast moving pace of the news feed and the sheer amount of opportunity can make your head spin. Twitter fatigue's REAL! So in an attempt to retain my own sanity I have decided to formalize my Twitter research... I will be providing this in the form of 5 Awesome Twitter tips for Bloggers!

Heard the term SEO thrown around but not sure what it is or how to use it?  Check out my post by clicking the image below  🙂 

Use SEO to optimise your blog for search engines


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