The Divine Feminine Fine Art Print A4


An original A4 Fine Art Print on 300gsm cardstock. The design has been lovingly embellished by hand after printing with the same materials used to create the original canvas that this design was taken from.

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The Divine Feminine

The essence of the Divine Feminine is the spark of life that everything grows from.  It is the innate body, heart, gut, and wisdom that all human beings have within them.

How is it made?

My creative process is a little strange, but it suits me just fine, because I’m a little strange too!  Each artistic effort starts out as a either a canvas or a canvas board. The original pieces take on a new lease of life as they are transformed into something new. I take different aspects of each abstract painting and rejig them digitally.  But the process doesn’t end there.  I work back into them by hand to bring out some of the colours, especially the metallic aspects of each print.

The final creations occupy a strange place between original Art and Fine Art prints.  Each piece is signed by the Artist (that’s me) creating additional long term value.  Hey, who knows,  in a world of infinite possibilities, I could be the big thing?!


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