How to Create an Inspiring Work Environment at Home

By now you’re probably sick of hearing the phrase “in these uncertain times.” Even as I wrote that I cringed a little! None the less, we are facing uncertain times, but we are not alone. So many people have expressed kindness, supported our frontline workers, and shared valuable knowledge to help others. So in the spirit of sharing, I thought I’d share some valuable things I have learnt along that help me to stay inspired while working at home 🙂 It’s not much but, it’s something.

If you are currently working from home throughout "these uncertain times" here are some tips to create an inspiring work environment. #workingfromhome #businesstips

As someone who has worked from home since going fully freelance in September 2019, I know how difficult making the transition from “out, out” office to home office can be. If you are currently working from home throughout “these uncertain times” there are steps you can take to improve your work environment. Your surroundings have a massive impact on both your wellbeing and the quality of your work. Plus, taking some time to create an inspiring atmosphere while working from home can help you to stay motivated.

The Challenges of Working From Home

Working from home ain’t all sunshine and roses folks! Don’t get me wrong I am so grateful for my situation. I love having a flexible schedule, my anxiety has decreased significantly, and the lack of commuting saves so much valuable time in my day. No commute means additional time to yer know, spend with my cats. Ahem, I mean to go on 10 mile runs every. single. day.

However, working from home still presents a lot of challenges. There are distractions, like the fridge and the television. Also, in my case, I find it kinda difficult to stay motivated if my partner has the day off and is around the house. He is unbelievably courteous by the way. It’s more like my own “humph, I also wanna chill right now but have deadlines” gig.

If you are currently working from home throughout "these uncertain times" here are some tips to create an inspiring work environment. #workingfromhome #businesstips

And although we have no children, I can’t begin to imagine the additional stress of having them at home constantly during this weird time! Seriously, I tip my hat to all the parents working from home, homeschooling and just being 24/7 caregivers right now. You are amazing!

Another thing I found (and still find) is a weird merger between work-life and home-life. This happens even at the best of times. But with the world stuck indoors during the lockdown, the workplace and the home are blending into one at an alarming rate.

Anyway, without further ado, here are my tips to create an inspiring work environment while at home!

Keep It Tidy

Evidence has shown that a tidy workplace can improve both your productivity and your morale. So clearing away the clutter will not only make you work harder; it’ll keep you happier too. Rather than typing away amidst a heap of papers, crisp packets, and old coffee cups, make an effort to keep things neat.

Get each workday off to a good start by taking a bit of time to clean up and create an organised space in which to spend your day. An untidy desk creates an untidy mind, so you will quickly feel the benefits. Also, break out the duster baby, and wipe that computer screen. I’m a simple gal, and a clean screen always boosts my mood.

Are you ready for a cheap plug? Now that you’ve spruced up the place why not consider; purchasing some artwork to make your home office POP. In the meantime, here are some of my recent pieces to cheer you up! To find out more check out my Instagram or shoot me an email at 🙂

If you are currently working from home throughout "these uncertain times" here are some tips to create an inspiring work environment. #workingfromhome #businesstips If you are currently working from home throughout "these uncertain times" here are some tips to create an inspiring work environment. #workingfromhome #businesstips

Find the Right Furniture

Ah, logistics, they always feel so boring but are so important. So, here is the lowdown on office furniture! There are two key things that your home office will need: a desk and a chair. Your desk should be large enough to contain your laptop, papers, books, and any other work items you need. And it shouldn’t be cramped or crowded. Keep it neat if you want to experience the benefits mentioned above.

You don’t have to splash out on an expensive new one either. Simply use your kitchen table, a shelving unit, or a mobile workbench. Your chair is arguably even more critical, as it can make or break your comfort. If you don’t have a chair at home where you’re comfortable spending up to eight hours a day, it is worth investing in finding the perfect throne.

Aim to Separate Work-Life From Home-Life

Honestly, this one might just be the hardest to get used to. A poor work environment is detrimental to your productivity and creativity, so it is crucial to distinguish between the two. For me, I have to walk via the kitchen to get to the bathroom, I also have the tiniest bladder in the world. Meaning frequent trips!! When I walk past the kitchen sink and see the washing up, I’m instantly back in “home-mode.” But I just tell myself that if I was at “work work” right now, I wouldn’t know it existed and keep on walking.

Even when throughout your workday, it is important to still take breaks as you would usually. So, when it is break time, put down the emails, and cut off fully from work! Get out for a walk (respecting social distancing) if that helps, or sit in the garden. Just get away from your workstation, and certainly don’t each lunch there if you have the option.

If you are currently working from home throughout "these uncertain times" here are some tips to create an inspiring work environment. #workingfromhome #businesstips

I also read a great tip on LinkedIn recently. One of my connections uses what would usually be her commute time to do something non-work related; such as walking the dog. As well as petting my cats hehe, I like to meditate or do yoga during this time. Spare time like this is a gift that you can give back to yourself.

This goes for all your leisure time by the way. When we spend time resting, doing things we love, and not thinking about work, our productivity and work output increases. So, if your workday has ended leave the emails till tomorrow.

Create the Right Atmosphere

To work effectively, you need to feel as though you are in a work environment. This means not getting up at noon and lounging on the sofa in your pyjamas with your laptop on your knees and toast crumbs down your shirt. BUT in the spirit of the mullet aka, business in the front, party in the back, sporting a smart top alongside your sweats for Zoom meetings is acceptable.

If you are currently working from home throughout "these uncertain times" here are some tips to create an inspiring work environment. #workingfromhome #businesstips

The most important thing I have found is to establish a workday routine to get into the right mindset. On days you are working, have a set schedule for waking up and sitting down to work. The same goes for the end of the day. When your home and workplace are one and the same, it’s hard to draw the line between office hours and free time.

I said it before but it bears repeating. Set a fixed time in the evening to switch off and relax. Getting dressed for the day can have a significant impact on your mindset as well. It doesn’t mean you have to wear a full suit and tie in your living room each day, but changing out of your pyjamas into some casual clothes will make you feel more productive and ready for action. Remember, business in the front, party in the back.


As always I really hope you found this post useful.  If you did or you didn’t let me know in the comments below!  Do you have any thoughts or tips about working from home?

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  1. Anna

    May 21, 2020 at 8:36 pm

    These are definitely useful tips. For me, having an office share was the best investment at the beginning of the lockdown. I cannot sit on a wooden chair all day long as I have a back injury and my bum was not liking it, too. It was an expense, but it was so worth it as I can work now comfortably and do not have back pain or posture problems.

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